Arts and Crafts

Making crafts with your children is a great way to spend time with one another while having fun. Spending quality time with each other is essential and your child will love having something to show for it. Thinking of things that your child can create doesn’t have to cost a fortune or even be extremely time consuming. There are plenty of things around the house that can be used. Start a mental note of odds and end items that would be great tools for a special craft; you can even get your child involved with the search.

Household Items to Keep on Hand for Crafts:

Cotton Balls
Dried Noodles
Old Tupperware
Scrap paper
Pipe Cleaners
Old Egg Cartons
Paper Plates
Large Beads
Yarn or String

It's that time of year again, school is about to begin. As promised we will be updating the parents page with fall crafts.

Below are links to great inexpensive craft ideas.

Water color leaf rubbing
Fall is full of fun and this craft will really get your child into the
spirit. They will love being able to pick all sorts of leaves for this

Foam Pencil Toppers
This is a great way to turn an ordinary pencil into something super fun and cute. Foam shapes can be turned into just about anything, and your child will love being able to use their imagination. Could also use colored pencils.

Personalized Backpack
This is such a great idea for personalizing an old backpack and giving it a fun update. Your child will love decorating their backpack.

Coffee Can Scarecrow
This is a super great craft for recycling your old coffee cans. It’s also fun to have your child look around the house for other things to recycle and using for eyes, mouth… etc.

Fruit and Veggie Stamp Friends
Stamps are so fun to use, and what’s better then homemade stamps. Get creative and try all different types of fruits and vegetables, whatever you have in your refrigerator.

Paper bag Scarecrow
Here is a link for a great homemade, fall scarecrow.  

Paper plate sunflower
This is a super cute fall craft and involves most items you already have around the house.

Fall Finger print tree
This is a fun way to let your little one get a little messy. Finger painting is an old favorite, with this craft, you can show them how to paint different things with their fingers.

Coffee Filter Flowers:
This is an old classic craft idea that is a lot of fun and uses materials that can be found at home.