In The Kitchen

Make your kitchen an educational environment!

The kitchen is a great place to bring basic skills into your children’s everyday life. Your children love to be involved in what you are doing, so why not use the time you are in your kitchen preparing meals as an educational time? Below are a few ideas to get your children involved!

Explain what you are doing, so your children can learn about the stages of cooking. Let your children help you pick out a recipe, and read them aloud as you go through the steps. Don’t forget to have your children help with the cleanup portion as well, remind them that cleanup is part of the process, good habits can never start too early!

Ways to get your child involved in the kitchen! 
Retrieve ingredients from the pantry or refrigerator.
Wash vegetables and fruits.
Stir together dry ingredients.
Smash crackers into crumbs.
Give your child an oven timer so they can let you know when the food is ready.

Categorizing will require that your child notice their surroundings. This works well at the dinner table, letting your child become aware of what is on his/her plate. You can categorize by shape, color, or size. For example ask that your child eat all the green food first. Your children will have to observe what is on their plate and find the green food. You can also be more descriptive when categorizing, ask your children to find the small round green food. This will help your child become more aware of shapes sizes and colors in their everyday activities. You can also take turns asking the questions, letting your child categorize your food as well.

While your children are helping you in the kitchen be sure to have them help you count. Some things you can count are; how many scoops while measuring, how many potatoes are needed for dinner, how many utensils are needed to set the table, how many ice cubes you put into your glass. Just take a look around your kitchen, there are endless items you can count with your child!