Welcome to MHSA's new Leadership Development Learning Community!

This is an interactive webpage for those who are interested in leadership development, have attended The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, or want to learn more about our philosophy. We invite you to read and comment on our blog, peruse TLCtalk Tweets for interesting articles, view workshop schedule, or check out our photo gallery. We are excited for you to be a part of our Leadership Development Learning Community!

Leadership Blog

Leadership Blog

Have you participated in The Leadership Challenge® Workshop or have an interest in leadership development? Visit the Leadership Blog where each week we pose a new question or idea and you have the opportunity to provide feedback and network with others.
Robin Bozek & Edward Condon

Host a Leadership Challenge

Does your organization have a need for leadership development? We provide a valuable and energizing workshop that will assist parents, staff, or managers/directors, at all levels, in identifying and developing their leadership style.
Workshop Table Set

Workshop Schedule

View our workshop schedule to see where we have been and where we are going next. We will post upcoming workshops that will be open to Head Start agencies and the public. Our schedule is updated weekly!
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery where we post pictures of our previous workshops. You have the opportunity to see a workshop in action, including various activities and the relationships that are established between participants during their time.