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Member Only Discounts to MHSA Conferences and Trainings

Each year, MHSA holds three membership meetings, an Early Childhood Training Conference, and other special periodic trainings and meetings.  Each of these provides innovative training, excellent professional development opportunities, networking with colleagues, and a forum for exploring best or promising practices from across the state.

Information and Networking

MHSA keeps our members informed of our membership opportunities, trainings, public policy, and general information, and through our electronic communications/listserv. In addition, you have access to the MHSA website and information related to the delivery of the Head Start program across Michigan.

Government Relations/Advocacy

MHSA provides leadership and advocacy at the state and federal levels for the Michigan Head Start community. MHSA works collaboratively with departments, legislative bodies and administrations to create equal opportunities for all Head Start children, families and programs to succeed. MHSA maintains a working relationship with our Regional Office and BAH TA Team.  In addition, MHSA participates in a number of advocacy coalitions interested in the delivery of quality services to children and families.

Collaborative and Corporate Partnerships

MHSA partners with a variety of organizations interested in supporting Head Start, National and Regional Head Start Associations, training organizations, public interest groups, and charitable corporate sponsors, as well as experts in the early childhood field. This brings the Head Start community extra benefits, and support, in the form of special offers, trainings, discounts and advertising.